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Melissa Tovar MATHEUS 

Melissa Tovar Matheus is the founder and principal of Innovart Design.

Drawing upon an educational background  that includes a Bachelor of Arts & Interior Design from Humber College and an Attestation of studies in design from Inter-Dec college. Moreover, she has a broad international experience, which helps her to deliver design solutions that not only work in the real world, but are also informed by her experiences from different countries. For this very reason, Melissa has the ability to interact in different languages ​​such as English, French and Spanish. 

She has over nine years experience providing both design and client satisfaction. She is passionate about creating functional, practical and beautiful spaces that directly reflect her clients needs. 

Her experience gives her the capacity to blend architectural details, design styles as well as different materials in order to create timeless living spaces. 

Melissa always strives to deliver the best value to her clients by ensuring a smooth process with the design, trades and resources. She values strong homeowner-designer relations. Her client partnership approach makes them the best team to tackle your home transformation.

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“Best of Design”                             -      from Inter-Dec College. 

“Outstanding achievement”     -       from  Humber College            + 1 647 526 5612

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